Some excellent websites to visit giving details of birdwatching in Gloucestershire and beyond are..

    The Gloster Birder

    In our opinion its claim to 'probably be the best birdwatching website in Gloucestershire' is entirely correct. In fact it's one of the best in the country and for that reason we do not duplicate the fantastic efforts put into maintaining the site - most sightings are usually updated daily! With lots more information on birdwatching in Gloucestershire including lots of site information we recommend .this for your Favourites list.

    The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

    Slimbridge is the Head Ofice for the WWT and is probably the most famous of its ten sites. We are very fortunate to have Slimbridge in our County and it's a great place for the young and the not so young to be inspired by birds..A great place for year round birding from the comfort of its many hides Slimbridge offers the birdwatcher everything they need including regular sightings updates, research and a hot drink after a winter session viewing the swans and geese.

    The British Trust for Ornithology

    If the science of birds is of interest then this site is a must. Links from here to other research across the world gives a great insight into armchair birding.

    Who doesn't enjoy the bubbling call of the Curlew? The Curlew was the subject of a really interesting talk given to the Club in 2016/2017 about the birds presence and breeding success in Gloucestershire. To catch up on the latest news visit It covers not just Gloucestershire but the status of the bird across much of Southern England and has lots of interesting information.

    And who isn't stirred by the sight of a bird of prey? The Gloucestershire Raptor Monitoring Group (GRMG) are at the forefront of monitoring and protecting raptors in Gloucestershire. For more information visit