For details of a Club trip to the area around Marshfield near Bath go to  Larks and Buntings.pdf



    For some time the Club has been supporting a Bird Theatre project in Cheltenham and with the fantastic help given by Club members Brian Weller, John Protherough, Dave Cosh and Caroline and Robert Gibbs we are in a position to say the Theatre is well and truly open.

    The idea is very simple. With the agreement of all involved, bird breeding boxes, feeders and a bird table (boxes and tables have been made by John) have been sited in centres for people with disabilities, infirmity or other  illnesses or conditions. Examples are care homes, day centres, schools, hospices or convalescent centres that are run by voluntary or public bodies. We have also worked in a number of sheltered housing complexes with the support of Cheltenham Borough Homes. We have provided some starter foods, information leaflets, and, with the support of some Club members, will eventually have site 'buddies' who will check if all is OK, check out sightings, encourage nestbox cleaning etc.

    We have now sited over 40 nestboxes and 24 bird feeding tables all over Cheltenham and can rightly say that the Theatre is now fully 'open'.